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My name is Nick Mosvick. I’m a lifelong Minnesota Twins fan, though that’s applicable to basically all of Minnesota sports (Timberwolves, Gophers, Wild). I’m also a follower of Liverpool and Barcelona with a serious affinity for the Italian stalwarts of AC Milan and Napoli. I co-founded a blog known at the time as “Nick and Nick’s Twins Blog” way back in 2004 with fellow University of Minnesota student Nick Nelson. When I went to law school at the University of Virginia back in 2007, I stopped blogging regularly and the site became known as simply “Nick’s Twins Blog,” though I do come back from time to time.

Now that I’ve gotten out of law school and found some more free time, I’ve decided to dive back into the whole blogging thing. Though the Twins are my team and I plan to focus posts on them during the season, I also intend (as the first posts have suggested) to write about baseball generally–including posts on baseball history in various ways. I also intend to occasionally give into my other temptations–writing about other sports and maybe even a little pop culture. However, baseball is and will be the principal focus of the blog.

Over my time at “Nick and Nick’s” and especially in the intervening years, I’ve definitely become a follower and student of the statistical revolution in sports and my writing will reflect that. Of course, any writer worth his salt doesn’t forget the “writing” element–telling a story, giving the numbers meaning, and so on are always key to effective sports writing. Baseball is a complicated, fascinating sport that has room for many varying opinions and there isn’t a right one. I only intend to present mine in a straightforward, engaging matter and to let the conversation flow from there.

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